Purchasing Is Nothing To Bawk At

Often people ask what they should look for and what questions they should ask when they are purchasing Cream Legbars – either chicks, POL pullets, adults , or hatching eggs.

Especially helpful to first time Cream Legbar owners, here are some things for buyers to consider when they want to start a Cream Legbar flock, or to add a few new chickens to their existing flock.

First and foremost the intended use for your chickens will influence how the answers to the various questions will affect you. If you are looking for a well behaved chicken that will be an addition to your flock, give you blue eggs and show off her personality and looks, you may have different selection criteria than the person who wants to raise Cream Legbars to compete in Poultry Exhibitions.

Everything that would normally apply to the health of a chick, or a flock from which you are selecting eggs to hatch will, of course, apply to your Cream Legbars.  Flock health is tremendously important.


Health Questons

Is the seller P/T tested?  Do they have other tests current such as MG or AI?

Do they vaccinate for Marek’s disease? Any other vaccinations?

Has their flock experienced any recent illnesses?


General Questions and Personality Questions

Do they have aggressive males? (if you intend to get other than pullets only or if you hatch eggs)

Are their chickens extremely flighty or are they more docile, friendly and curious?

How do their Cream Legbars get along together and with other chickens if your purchases will live in a mixed flock.


Questions About the Seller & Their Flock

  • How long has the seller been raising Cream Legbars?
  • What is the source of their Cream Legbars?
  • What goals do they have for their own Cream Legbars?  (e.g. high egg production, exhibition poultry)
  • What are the weights (average) of their flock?
  • What is the age that their pullets come into lay?
  • How many eggs per year do their hens lay?


Questions Specific to a Group of Cream Legbars

  1. Look at pictures of the parents—see if that is what you want to raise.
  2. Make sure that the chicks they hatch are easily autosexable.
  3. Ask if they have ever hatched chicks that grew up without crests.
  4. Ask if they have ever hatched any ‘recessive white’ chicks.
  5. Ask if all their pullets grow up to lay blue eggs (as opposed to white, brown or olive eggs) Note: The amount of blue perceived varies among flocks and individuals.
  6. How frequent are the eggs?
  7. Do they have Cream Legbars that ‘go broody’?


A Few Other Considerations

Some common misnomers found when advertising a Cream Legbar include “Crested Cream Legbars” or “Creme Legbars” which may reflect misinformation about the Legbar breed and the Cream Legbar variety.  Is the seller familiar with the proposed Standard of Perfection?


If sold as a “show quality” Cream Legbar, inquire as to the show history:  how many shows entered, when and where the shows were, and how did their chickens place.  Additionally, is the seller a member of the American Poultry Association (APA) and the Cream Legbar Club?  Check the Member Directory for a Club member near you.  Stay connected along the path to APA acceptance.


Go to our club’s Contact page and use the contact us form if you would like to give us any feedback or ask questions about Cream Legbars!


Here is a simple check-list for reference: