Cream Legbar Club

People interested in Cream Legbars are warmly welcome to join the Cream Legbar Club. The Club was established late in 2012 to promote and protect this breed, educate people about Cream Legbars and work to gain acceptance for the breed by the American Poultry Association (APA). The Club is proud to include international members from the UK and Australia among membership rolls and is open to everyone.

The Bird

Class: English | Breed: Legbar | Varieties in the USA: Cream, Golden Crele, White

Notable Characteristics

Crested, single comb, white earlobes, yellow legs, light- to medium-weight fowl, blue and blue-green egg laying, wild-type down, autosexing at hatch.

The Calendar

See what’s happening with the club, from online shows to membership meetings and other important dates.

Members & Resources

What does your flock need? Find a Cream Legbar Club member in your area with hatching eggs, chicks or started stock for sale.

The Club

The purpose of the club is to preserve, promote and provide education about Legbars that carry the blue-egg gene.

Legbar Origin

Developed in England. The Autosexing Association of Great Britain developed the Standard for the Cream Legbar, which was presented at the London Dairy Show in 1947. The Cream Legbar was accepted by the Poultry Club of Great Britain (PCGB) in 1958. Imported to the USA from Great Britain, September 23, 2010.