A Breed of More Than One Color

The Legbar is a crested breed based on British Standards with U.S.A. color variations: Cream, Golden Crele, and White. You can get more information on our phenotype page.

The crested Legbar is a light- to medium-weight fowl which lays blue and blue-green eggs, has wild-type down off-spring which are autosexing at hatch (male and female offspring have different down color patterns). The White Legbar may have less obvious gender differences at hatch (reduced autosexing) as the down color is primarily yellow/white with faint wild-type markings. You will find general information on our Legbar Breed Overview page. Read the breed history page for more detailed information. 

All crested Legbar varieties shall have the same silhouette or shape. The proposed SOP for the American Poultry Association (APA) Legbar body type is intended to be in keeping with the British Standard, but with minor changes to reflect a healthy, thrifty bird. Please note that the Legbar is similar in shape to Mediterranean breeds and should not be expected to look like an American Leghorn.


Other Visuals of Note

Notable visual characteristics include a crest, single comb, white earlobes, and yellow legs. See our chart below and pages 12, 19 – 25 of the Cream Legbar Breed Guide for other SOP elements.

U.S.A. Legbars are all gold-based birds: the Cream Legbar, the Golden Crele Legbar and the White Legbar. The Golden Crele is essentially the base color and pattern for all three varieties. The genetic variations differentiate the colors and patterns. See our genotype page for more information.