The club is established to achieve the club purpose and improve the Cream Legbar breed.

Goals to achieve the Mission include:
  • Promote friendship, goodwill, cooperation, sportsmanship and social networking among Cream Legbar fanciers in the development, breeding, husbandry and advancement of the breed
  • Encourage education, knowledge, and exhibition of the Cream Legbar chicken, under an APA approved standard
  • Support breeding Cream Legbars to align with the Standard of Perfection and maintain autosexing, blue (or blue-green) egg laying, and crested characteristics, as well as the health and productivity of the breed.
  • Explore new technology, such as an owners, breeders and/or pedigree database, to enhance the promotion and preservation of Cream Legbars and identify availability of stock
  • Serve as a resource for both the Cream Legbar hobbyist and the general public to obtain recent and accurate information about Cream Legbars, as well as a repository to track the history of the Cream Legbar breed. 

Learn more about the APA approval process and how you can help.