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ENTER NOW! See Current Draft Standard of Perfection: See articles on how to photograph your birds: Follow on Facebook: Click here for a spreadsheet of all the winning breeders from the 2019–20 show. Click here for photos of all the winning birds from past shows.     Rules for the Show: Pictures of the entry birds should be unobstructed, close up views. You MUST submit a profile view and a front view of your bird (i.e., 2 photos per bird) Digital image file names must Continue reading →

CLUB NEWS: Breeder Recognition

The Club has voted to come up with a point system to recognize breeders who show their birds at APA shows and a different point system for the Club’s Online Show.  The current draft is being revised based upon comments from the Board.


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Birds’ genetic secrets revealed in global DNA study Click HERE to read about how scientists have sequenced and recorded the genomes – the genetic make-up or “code of life” – of species from almost every branch of the bird family tree.   What to do with the EGGstras Click HERE to read about tips for sharing your egg inventory. Bake like an EGGyptian Click HERE to read about an ancient Egyptian secret. Eggsmas Trees? Click HERE to read about a coo-coo German Easter tradtion. A Continue reading →